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WarCraft vs. Warhammer?

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WarCraft vs. Warhammer?

Post by crazyassfish on Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:53 pm

Well i've downloaded Warhammer 10-day free trail..and so from the looks of it, it doesnt compete with the first time i played WoW's 10 day free trial. In my opinion, the graphics are good but movement and attacks seem choppy, the class names seem pretty bleak, all in all feels like a lesser version ofWoW, i dont even feel like ever starting it up just such a bore, but thats only my opinion from playing the 10-day free trial. So pretty much my question is whats better Warcraft or Warhammer. Just post a ranking from 1-10 of Warhammer, and explain whats better about WoW then Warhammer or vice-versa


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