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Beta Testing FAQ from Empty Beta Testing FAQ from

Post by Adelate[Admin] on Sat Mar 21, 2009 4:38 pm

Beta Testing FAQ

I have noticed that a good percentage of people have been asking general questions about the beta test that have been posted throughout the forum. This thread has been made to be a central post for any questions that you may have about beta. If you ask any questions on this list, you will be referred here and your post closed.

When does Closed Beta start?

CBT date is yet to be confirmed. IAHgames are in the process of confirming a date with Barunson, so keep an eye on the forum!

Can I use the Alpha/V-day Showcase client for playing the CBT?

No, the old clients are out-dated. An email will be sent out to all shortlisted CBT registrants (and those who signed up with 16-digit codes) a week before the client is ready for download.

How long will the CBT go for?

The closed beta test will go for approximately 1 to 2 weeks depending on the response. This is subject to change.

How do I register for the beta test?

You must go to the following link: and fill out all of your details to get an account. If you already have an IAH Passport (your login details for the forum), you must login using the login button before filling out the form.

What is a promotional key?

A promotional key is a 16 digit (####-####-####-####) key which you can gain of many gaming websites which allows you automatic entry into the closed beta. A list of websites may be found here:
and here:

Please note there are limited keys.

Players who sign up on the forums before 2nd July do not need promotion code to sign up for CBT. If you signed up with a promotion code, your account will show this sentence in red at the bottom: "Your account ID has already being registered for CBT with a promotional code."

What if I don't manage to get a promotional key?

If you cannot get a promotional key, you still have a chance to get in. However, due to the number of registrants, you will be picked via ballot if you do not sign up with a key.

Is this free?

Both the beta tests and the full version of the game will be free to play. The full version will also have a fully functional cash shop in it upon commercial launch (after OBT).

Is this Dragonica server a Global one?

At the moment, the IAH service region is SEA, however there are no IP blocks, so anyone can play.
NCsoft will service Korea and Japan, THQ will service North America, gPotato will service Europe, ICEE will service China and Soft-World Corp will service Taiwan, Hongkong and Macau.

Can I join the alpha test?

No you cannot. The alpha test ended on 28 July 2008 and is now over.

When is the full game being released?

Currently there is no announced final release date. Full release may be expected after CBT and OBT.

Where can I go to report any computer problems experienced during the test?

Please visit this link

Where can I go to report any game bugs experienced during the test?

Please visit this link

Can I message Kaye or another staff about problems or with questions?

See the following link:

Can CBT characters be carried over to the OBT?

At this current time, CBT characters will not be carried over to the OBT. You will be required to start new characters in the interests of maintaining fairness and game balance as CBT is a test-stage where XP and drop rates may be tweaked for observation. However, character names might be able to be carried over.

If I see something that needs to be added to the guide, where do I add it?

Post a question in this thread and I shall add it to the guide. Please no random spam, I may be forced to delete it >.<

Why is this game taking so long to be released?

Dragonica has not been fully released anywhere in the world yet. Have you noticed that there were two alpha tests for this game so far? IAHGames decided to take the bold approach of announcing the game way before it even hit alpha, in order to gather enthusiasm in the game, by releasing forums and blogs regarding it. It is taking so long as they are still developing bits and pieces of the game, to give you the best gaming experience possible.

Alpha II Guide (Finished)

What is alpha II?

Since the CBT has had to be delayed until an unknown time, Alpha II is set to allow 2,000 people to join a special test from 24th - 28th July 2008.

How do I get an account?

Accounts have already been sent out. If you didn't receive an invitation email, there is no way to get in and you will have to wait until the next test run.

Is there any special events?

Yes, all 2,000 members will be invited to preview the game and take down a special boss, a super-powered Lavalon.

Where can I download the client?

The client is not being released until the 14th/15th of July. Please look forward to it.

Pre-CBT (Not Applicable)

How can I join the pre-CBT?

At the current time, not much is known on how it will be distributed. It could be selected at random, level during alpha or even activity on these forums.

When will the pre-CBT take place?

As it stands, January 2009. It can only happen once IAH games has received all the latest updates, and integrating them into their server.

I'm and active/old member, can I get specially selected to take part in the pre-CBT?

Asking will not increase your chances. As stated above, whether you are selected or not is random or by predetermined factors.

How do I know if I have been accepted?

It is currently unknown. Quite possibly by email or forum PM.

How long will the pre-CBT run for?

The pre-CBT will be running for approximately one day.

Will I need a new client for this?

Yes! You will need to download a new client for this as the whole game has been changed from the Alpha II client.

Where can I gain more information on this?

There are a few ways you can obtain the latest information about pre-CBT.

Check this thread out. It is updated whenever new information is made public by either Kaye, myself or any other moderator.
Check out Kaye's blog for up-to-date information on the pre-CBT
Dragonica Official Forums are definitely a great place to come in and view the latest up-to-date information on Dragonica as well as being able to chat with countless fans who are always friendly and willing to chat about the latest updates.

Valentines Day Showcase (Finished)

What is this "Valentines Day Showcase"?

Its a chance for all CBT registrants to fall in love with Dragonica before the CBT is released. You can think of it as a preview

When will the the V-Day Showcase take place?

The servers will open for 4 days over two weekends; the 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st of February.
the servers will open the Friday at 3pm (GMT+Cool, and close Saturday 9pm (GMT+Cool

How can I take part?

If you have registered for the CBT, you will automatically get enterence into this Showcase. Whether you have a CBT key or not makes no difference.

Do I need to download a new client?

Yes, you will need to download a new client.
for the latest download links, check out these two threads:

I had trouble playing the Alpha II, will i be able to play in the V-Day showcase?

Alot of problems were caused by integrated graphics cards and vista. Both these issues have been resolved in the new build. The minimum specs have also changed (see below), so now theres a greater chance that everyone will be able to play with out problems! If you do encounter any issues, please report them in our technical discussion forum!

New Minimum Specs:
Intel Pentium 4 2.0G
AMD XP 2500+ (or higher)
AMD Athlon64 2800+ (or higher)
Memory (RAM)
ATI X300
Geforce 6200/7300

Will my character be carried over into CBT?

If you reach level 10 during the Valentines Day Showcase, you get to keep your character name, however everything else is reset to level 1.

Where can i find out more information about the Valentines Day Showcase?

Visit [CM]Kayes blog :
or Read the announcement :

Other Questions
I cannot log into the client. Can you please help me?

What you have downloaded, is the old Alpha II Client which can not be used any more. Please keep an eye on this forum for updates to when you can download the proper client so you can play the CBT.

CBT Registration Guide

When you sign up, each of the following criteria means the following:

Login (Top Right): Uses a preexisting IAH Passport to sign up with and fills previously made data such as username and email.
Account ID: Your chosen login name - alphanumeric. (Not a character name)
Password: Your chosen login password.
E-mail Address: Your current e-mail address you wish to use with the account.
Identification Number: A string of numbers that you can use to identify yourself in the event of lost password etc. This should be something that no one else knows but easy for you to remember.
Gender: Male or Female.
Date of Birth: The day you were born. (Day/Month/Year)
Country of Residence: The country you currently live in.
Mobile Phone Number: Optional
Validation Code: Type the alphanumeric string of characters to your right in the textfield.
Promotional Code: Type the 16 Digit String that you got from a game site as mentioned above.

After this, click on submit and fill out the short survey. For any other error messages, check the "How to sign up" section on the page.

If you received an email with a 16-digit sign-up key that expires in 48 hours, don't panic because this is something we sent out to IAH Passport members in case there are some who are not aware of the upcoming CBT. It doesn't mean your previous registration was unsuccessful.
If you signed up before today, 27th June 08, you will likely receive your confirmations before Monday, 30th June).

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